Monday, January 10, 2011

Tuesday Tips & Tricks - Bed wetting and quickie sheet changes

It often happens that on the rare occurrence my little guy is sleeping well, the littlest girl wets the bed. Instead of going through the process of remaking the entire bed with one-eye closed, try this short-cut until the sun is up.

While your little one finishes the job on the toilet and changes underwear and pajama bottoms:

Step 1: Remove the wet bottom sheet and mattress cover.
            (Toss directly into washing machine if washing
             machine is on the same level as the bedrooms)
Step 2: If mattress is damp, lay down towel to absorb
Step 3: Use to top flat sheet as the new bottom sheet.Tuck it under the mattress
Step 4: Tuck your little one back into bed and toss on an extra blanket if necessary.
Step 5: Go back to bed!

Quick and easy!


  1. ahhh the glamourous life of a mom. ;)

  2. I invested in waterproof mattress pads - some of best money ever spent. I have two, so one can be in the wash while the other is on the bed.

    Love the quick change idea!

  3. Thanks for the tip! My son rarely makes it through the night dry if I don't put a diaper on him, but since his little sister is fully potty trained and doesn't wear a diaper to bed he doesn't want to wear one anymore. This will be a big help!

    I'm following you from the Follow Friday blog hop. Please stop by and say hello


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