Thursday, January 20, 2011

Attached to a pen - an emotional review

I've been practicing my autograph for a long time. I used to sign my pictures or yearbooks for friends in high school and tell them, "You'll want to keep that; I'll be famous someday." I'm not famous (yet), but the pen I use matters to me. Especially when writing poems or greeting cards, which I do by hand. The pen has to have just the right feel and flow. Pentel sent me a few pens, a refillable highlighter and a pencil to review. Guess what?

I have found the best pen ever. I love it. Have you ever become emotionally attached to a pen? This is my first time. The night before we left for Philly I was using this pen, then I turned around and it had disappeared! No one knew where it was; No one had used it. Sure! Then, on Tuesday my oldest pulled out her sketch book and started drawing. With my pen!!! Don't worry, she surrendered it without a fight. I was so happy to have my pen back I used it right away. Then this morning when I gathered the handful of pens that Pentel sent me to review it was missing again! I knew my husband had been using it the night before and I feared for my pen! I was so mad! What did he do with it?! Where was it?! I had heard him mutter, "This pen does't work," and though I knew he must have been talking about a different one, this irrational, emotionally-attached-to-a-pen part of my brain was scared that he might have thrown it away! And I had already taken out the trash! I nearly called him, but I managed to restrain myself, knowing he'd be home for lunch within an hour. It was in his pocket. Whew!!!

The pen in question, pictured above, is Pentel's EnerGel, a liquid gel ink ball pen. It's got a nice medium tip and the flow of the gel pen as I write is so smooth and seamless that I may never use another pen again. The other pens are wonderful too. The highlighter is purple, my favorite color, and has a refill cartridge! I've never seen that before! Very cool. The Slicci is a metallic green color and also a very smooth writing tool. My girls love this one! I'm not usually a fan of fine tips, but I like writing with Pentel's RSVP fine tip. It's nice for those small forms that always seem to need filling out for the bank or school that require precise writing.

I usually pay no attention to the brand name of pens, but after using Pentel I think they've won a loyal customer. I'd like ten more of the EnerGel just in case I lose it (or someone in my house steals it) again!

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Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this review. The thoughts and opinions shared here are my honest ones of the Pentel products I recieved for review. The products used for the review are mine to keep and I love them so much I'm not giving them away! This review opportunity was made possible through Business To Blogger.

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