Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Domesticity Sucks

Sometimes. A lot.

See, it isn't Parenthood, per se, that gets the gander up of moms worldwide. It is the redundancy, the repetition, the daily drivel (and drool) that wears us down. It's the consistency of chaos, the lack of personal pleasure and peace, the endless crumbs on the floor, dirty dishes, tables, counters, chairs, walls, toilets to be cleaned, butts to be wiped, diapers to be changed, mouths to wipe, toys to tidy...

that gets us stressed and frustrated. Give me a maid to keep up on the laundry and housework and I might be a calmer, more composed parent.

I might have the energy to patiently address the needs and wants of 3 children all asking at the same time and chastising (i.e. yelling at) each other for interrupting! I might send them back to bed for the fourth time with just a love-pat on the bottom and a kiss instead of threatening to take away every privilege they've ever known.

I might stare at the mess of dried, crusted-on toothpaste and spit on the sink with a light in my eyes and a smile in my heart and rejoice for the three little miracles I get to parent.

But I don't. Usually. Because I'm tired. Because one of them whined too much that day and the other argued with everything I said. Because we're running late and that makes me anxious. Because I just cleaned 3 rooms and 3 rooms are messy again. Because the towels that were freshly laundered have been used to clean stuffed animals. Because I have two hands and 3 kids fighting over who gets to hold them. Because they have asked for just one. too. many. things. Because I still hear bangs and bumps upstairs begging for my attention as I take out my frustration on the keyboard instead of the kids.

I am no perfect mom. Sometimes I'm downright mean. I lose my temper. I say things I wish I hadn't in tones I wish didn't exist. I probably shouldn't even be allowed around young humans (or my husband) when I'm PMS-ing, but that's another story.

I am human. That's what I'm teaching my kids. Mommy deserves a little respect. Mommy has needs too. Sometimes, occasionally, mommy is going to put her own needs first. If you want a nicer mommy, be a nicer kid. And vice-versa.

We moms love our kids. We'd do anything, anything at all for them. We feel guilty for occasionally detesting our lives. Because our kids are our lives we "can't" really hate said lives. It isn't the parenting part we hate, though, It's all the other $h*! that comes with it.

So, I guess I'll keep them.

What say you?

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