Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Smoke Relief - Electronic Cigarette Review

My husband has been a smoker for nearly 30 years. It's as much a part of his French culture as food, wine and poodles. A vocal non-smoker myself, our relationship continued from a first date only after his promise to quit. Love happened quickly between us and 13 years later he's still trying to change his ways.

Enter Smoke Relief, America's Number 1 Electronic Cigarette, now available in the UK. I had the opportunity to review this product in cooperation with my husband. Even though eCigarettes are not marketed as a smoking cessation product, we hoped it just might be the perfect way to help him take a giant leap into the non-smoking community. 

He has tried other e-cigarettes in the past, but none come close to this one. Even I was impressed with the package: 

The Deluxe Rechargeable eCigarette kit was presented in a very nice box, inclusive of the electronic cigarette, a box of 5 cartomisers containing 18m of tobacco each, the battery (which looks like the white end of a cigarette), a charger box, AC Adapter and USB Charger. Pretty impressive!  

Plus, for the review they threw in a few more cartomisers and a mixed box of flavoured "cigarettes" that I was almost tempted to try, but I resisted.

The eCigarette looks very much like a real cigarette and even produces a little odorless vapor upon exhalation, which resembles smoke. For smokers who are just as attached to the process and mannerisms of smoking as they are the nicotine, this will make for an easier transition. 

The pros, according to The French Guy (my man) were the nice presentation, the convenience of being able to smoke almost anywhere anytime, the flavor options (though he preferred the basic) and the sheer volume of what was included in the kit. It was the equivalent of at least 10 packs. 

The cons, he said, were that the taste of nicotine was more present and it was harsher on the throat than a real cigarette. For one who truly wants to minimize the effects and cost of smoking, these small issues wouldn't take much getting used to. 

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For me, I think the eCigarette is a brilliant alternative to the real thing. He's hasn't been allowed to smoke indoors since our second date, but the smell of a cigarette lingers even after hand-washing  So, the pros in my opinion are the elimination of the smell, the reduction of any chance of passive smoking by the children or me and the savings! Huge savings. 

Finally, and forgive me for stepping up on a soapbox for just a moment, since we've been in England, I've been shocked to see so many mums on the way to school smoking while pushing their babies in buggies (strollers) or holding the hands of their school children. If you aren't ready to quit, I think this product is the perfect alternative to ensure that you don't harm your children while engaging in your favorite habit. Plus, since smoke is bad for your skin, you'll look younger longer! ;) 

*** We received a complementary Deluxe Rechargeable eCigarette Kit for review purposes only. No other compensation was provided. Our opinions are our own. 

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