All About Me

Hi there! 

I'm so happy you've stopped by. I'm Tamara Vellozzo and this is my parenting blog. 

I'm a mother of 3 (ages 7, 6 and 3), American wife of a French man, world traveler, author, blogger and entrepreneur. One thing I'm not is a Domestic Goddess, but I do aspire to eventually get there (preferably with the aid of a housekeeper)!

This is more than just a "Mommy blog." This is the story of one woman's life. The ups and the downs shown with an honesty that I hope to be inspiring. I share snippets of my world, parenting stories and tips, reviews, the occasional giveaway and sometimes even a vlog! 

We've recently relocated from my home state of Michigan and started over in SE England. With my youngest safely tucked away at school 3-days a week and the girls in full-time, I've decided to step back on my own path instead of only helping them along theirs. When I'm happy and fulfilled, living my life's purpose, I am a better mother. 

I'm studying to be a Certified Passion Test Facilitator and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner. After more than a decade since leaving University, I'll finally be putting my education in Psychology and Family studies to use! It's my mission and my passion to help women who feel stuck under the weight of motherhood and domesticity to find their light and shine it for the world to see! You can learn more about that at (currently under construction). 

I invite you to journey with me. Life is an amazing ride. 


You can find me here, too:
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