Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Head Lice, Husbands and Harry Potter World!

Yes, it is true! I love alliteration!

See that spec? That's a nit! Go read all about it
Head Lice
It's also true that we have recently faced and conquered head lice. No, my husband didn't have it. I wrote all about facing my fears here on Parent Society and then took you through the eradication process step by step here. I'd love for you to read all about it and leave me a comment or two on the site. Have you ever had to deal with it?

I survived two weeks without my husband! I have to say that dinner got a bit boring without my personal French chef, but it was a calming and restful time. Since he returned on Saturday, I have realized that my daily fatigue is no longer due to the children, but to poor quality sleep due to his snoring! Yikes!

I slept so well while he was away - deep, restful, solid sleep. I felt good during the day and far less grumpy. For the past 3 nights I've been waking up constantly, trying to sleep with headphones in to block the noise and it just isn't working for me. I'm exhausted! Any tips? Believe me, ear plugs won't do the trick!

Plus, tell me truly: Do you like to cuddle at night or do you sleep better out of the arms of your love? My next bed seriously needs to be King sized.

Harry Potter World
Finally, my little Nature Girl is on her way to Harry Potter World RIGHT NOW! I so wish I could go with her!!! She's going to have butter-beer in the Great Hall, step into Dumbledore's office and walk the cobbled stones of Diagon Alley. How cool is that?!

Later this week I'll be reviewing a couple of cute books, electronic cigarettes and reminiscing on 8 years of parenthood in preparation for my first-born's birthday!!! See you then! Have a beautiful week.


  1. Glad you got through the head lice fiasco! We haven't encountered that in our house...yet! (fingers crossed...knock on wood lol). And I completely sympathize with you and the snoring of your hubby! My hubby also snores and unless I fall asleep BEFORE him, it can keep me restless and awake at night. I also sleep better in my own space...hehe. As much as I love to cuddle with my hubby and always do for the first part of the night, I always tend to inch away once I drift off to sleep as I don't like to feel confined when sleeping LOL. He LOVES to cuddle, so I feel bad when I do that :P But then I try to make up for it by cuddling extra in the morning ;)

    1. Thank you, Brandi! I feel validated. :) Yes, I'm OK when I fall asleep first too. He's been jet lagged the past few days and is asleep before I even have my teeth brushed though.

  2. We also just went through another round of head lice (I won). We even struggled through a year of pesticide resistant lice about three years back, now. Anyway,I'm the master of nitpicking, they don't have a chance around me anymore.-As for sleeping when my husband's away. I don't sleep well, but he doesn't snore. My father used to shake the house though!

  3. I just had to click when I saw this title! I was intrigued, indeed! I hear you on the snoring. What's to be done about that?


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