Thursday, January 6, 2011

Heroes Worth Writing For

This year, one of my resolutions is to lead and inspire my children and others by example. I've been thinking about simple ways I can teach my children to see more than their own little world and reach out to others. The universe tends to support our goals, so when I came across Pentel's celebration of National Handwriting Day (January 23rd) with a promotion called "Heroes Worth Writing For" I knew this was my first step.

We all love that 'ding' that indicates a new email, but there is something truly special about getting a handwritten note in the mail. I had grown up next door to my grandmother and had a wonderful relationship with her, but it was only when I moved overseas with my husband that I developed a writing relationship with her that brought us closer than we'd ever been. My tools were pen, paper and a lot of love.

My sister is a police officer in Baltimore. When she went through the Academy I wrote her a poem every week incorporating all of the people and things she was telling us about in her letters. Her whole class enjoyed the letters and they ended up being a part of their yearbook!

When my brother was in boot camp for the Marines I wrote him weekly letters and poems. His whole troop looked forward to my letters. That continued when he was based in Japan, but became even more meaningful when he was sent to Iraq. He was there when the war began. The boost in morale from a handwritten letter for one soldier is shared among all the others.

Pentel is an industry leader in writing instruments. I especially love their gel pens, but more on that another day! It only makes sense that they want to reach out to Americans and remind them of the importance of a handwritten letter. Since I know this firsthand, I want to share it with you!

In partnership with Operation Gratitude, Pentel wants us all to put pen to paper and hand-write a letter of appreciation to our US troops. Write to one person, and though you don't know them, express your gratitude and thanks for all they do.

Five entrants will receive prizes: Grand Prize - $200 Visa Gift Card and $100 in Pentel products. The four runners up will receive a $50 Visa Gift Card and $25 in Pentel products. For those who don't win a material prize, our gift is the satisfaction of knowing that we touched another life in a positive way.

Submit a handwritten letter, expressing your gratitude towards our U.S. Military servicemen and women. All letters must be handwritten; typed responses will NOT be accepted. All letters must be in English. They must be original and written by the participating individual. Responses must be submitted the following way ONLY:

1) Regular Mail: You may submit your response by mailing it to:
    Pentel of America, Ltd. - Marketing Department C/O Heroes Worth Writing For 4000 E. Airport Drive, Suite C Ontario, CA 91761

All mailed responses must be postmarked on or before January 31, 2011. Responses postmarked after this date will NOT be accepted. Please include your name, address, and email address ON A SEPARATE PIECE OF PAPER along with your letter.

Go get writing!!

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