Monday, January 10, 2011

Cinch: a review - Cynthia Sass helps you trim your...

waist. How did you think I would continue that sentence? Wink, wink.

I failed my nutrition class at university. It was too terribly boring! I love to know what I'm eating and why it is good or bad for me, but I have a short attention span, which has only worsened after having three children. At the same time, my interest in health and nutrition has grown. I want to know the best foods for my kids and the best foods for losing weight and improving and maintaining a healthy body for the next 67 years (yes, I plan to live until I'm 103. I'm serious).

Cynthia Sass has, in her new book, Cinch, has succeeded in making weight-loss and nutrition interesting! Almost fascinating. Most diet plans tell you what to do and how to do it, but they don't tell you why. Cynthia Sass does and, for me, that is what makes this book hard to put down.

Her diet plan is simple: 30 days of the Cinch Core plan, with an optional 5-day Fast Forward start with a total weight-loss potential of 15lbs in those first 30 days. With the fast-forward start you could lose 7lbs in the first 5 days! That's bound to get anyone motivated. But it isn't just about weight-loss. It's about learning to listen to your body's cues, eating food that is healthy and satisfying (really, it can be both!), maximizing your energy and fat-burning and kicking your metabolism into high gear.

The fast-forward start focuses on just 5 super-foods in various meal combinations: Spinach, Raspberries, Almonds, Eggs (organic) and Nonfat yogurt. For beverages you get coffee (limit 1 per day), tea (limit 5 per day) and water with or without natural flavoring. This powerful combo works to re-set your appetite, help you experience what hunger actually feels like, detoxifies your body and encourages a healthy relationship with food.

In Cinch, Sass educates the reader about what makes the fast-forward 5 foods so powerful and good for you.  Though I'm still on the fence as to whether I'll actually do the Cinch core program, I began incorporating those five into my diet right away. The evidence behind the foods in her plan is compelling and made this reader highly motivated to begin eating healthier right from the first page. She offers over a hundred recipes to wake your palate and excite it throughout the plan and has a mandatory chocolate fix every single day!

Whether or not a structured diet/weight-loss program appeals to you, Cinch is well-worth reading. I love knowing the 'why' behind the 'what' and Cynthia Sass provides this without losing my attention for a moment. It's easy to understand, well-written and motivational.

Cinch is in stores now. You can find out more at or the Amazon link here or at the top of this post or you can click here.

disclaimer: I have received no compensation for this review, but received a free review copy of this book via the one2onenetwork.

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  1. I like anything where you can have mandatory chocolate


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