Monday, January 31, 2011

Making the switch

Well, it's official. I am no longer a Stay at Home Mom. I have made the switch to Work at Home Mom. I've been writing at home for several months, but now we're mixing things up a bit. My husband and I have been dreaming of breaking into the wine business for years. We were on the doorstep 5 years ago when we started having kids, but then... we starting having kids instead. Now that we're finished with pregnancy and newborns (please god and birth control), we're finally taking the leap.

For the past few months we've been working toward buying a retail wine franchise and opening our own store. He put in his notice at work after 16 years with his company and his last day is at the end of February. We were hoping to have the doors opening within 3 months of his last work day, but financing a start-up isn't a bank's first choice these days. We're close... we have half of what we need and everything lined up, but with the grand opening pushed back several months, we're suddenly aware that our savings might not get us there!

More wine, less whine!
photo by slack12 via flickr
So, to get our feet wet in the industry, and most importantly earn an income in the interim, we've joined a Napa Valley company as independent wine consultants. We work the business from home and then run guided wine-tastings for people in their homes. It's like Tupperware or partylite but with wine instead! So much more fun!! Our launch party is this Friday and we have two more tastings lined up this month. We need more! So, now I'm working from home. This isn't the first time. I did it with Kindermusik a few years ago, but learning that material with kids around was easy! They were my target customer!

I typically work during the boy's nap time and if the girls are home from school they get a video (thank you, Netflix!). You would think it was pretty much the same as being a SAHM/writer, but it's different. With writing I just do it. And I don't work it as a business, just something I love to do that hopefully others will love to read. I am a writer. But now I'm also an entrepreneur. A winetrepreneur! Now I've got to network, advertise, and study the business! And get organized. And if everything goes as planned, by the end of summer I'll be making another switch, from WAHM to going to work in my own store! At least when the girls are in school. The hubby gets to go to work when they're home.

Exciting times. Wish me luck!

*** if you're interested in joining a wine club, hosting a tasting party or even becoming a consultant yourself, you can email me privately for more information at


  1. How exciting!! I've done a lot of direct selling. I was checking out the wine ones once upon a time. You and your hubby will have a great time. I did DoReMe&You. Was that the Kindermusik you were talking about? I loved their stuff. I quit before they sold out to Discovery Toys, but I was so sad they didn't make it on their own. Their stuff was so cute. We still have all of our CDs.

  2. Congrats to becoming a work at home mom! I wish you and your husband the best

  3. Thats awesome news! Best of luck getting into a new routine!

  4. Michelle, I didn't do the DRM&Y, I was a licensed KM instructor, so I could teach all of thier material. I loved it!!! But, too much time investment without and $$. The smiles and hugs were amazing though!
    Thanks M & LB!!


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