Monday, January 24, 2011

Survey Says: Don't Do It!

I'm always looking for a good, simple and fast way to earn a little extra cash for the household budget. I thought, why not try those paid surveys. Well, now I know why not. 2 pennies per paid email and a dollar for 25 minutes of my time to fill out a survey? Many promise rewards, but only with participation that typically costs you far more than you earn. And they don't pay out until you've earned $30! In the past week I've been duped into spending about $70 and I've only made $7.64, including the $5.00 sign up bonus.

Though my skin does look great thanks to the ultimate facial.

One thing that is abundant with these surveys and offers is the junk that ends up in your email box! I went from having a handful of emails a day to having nearly 100/day. So much so that I just canceled that email account! Much more efficient than trying to unsubscribe.

So, to paid surveys I say,"Don't Do It!!!"

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  1. Oh boy, sorry you had to cancel your account and deal with the nonsense. I am glad it was not a huge investment and thank you for sharing it with us so we do not fall for the false promise rewards.


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