Monday, January 17, 2011

Messy Monday

The weekend is over, the house is a mess, my fatigued brain is a mess and the kids don't have school today! That's actually a good thing because they are a mess too! They look like bikers in a dinosaur gang. The girls are covered in T-Rex tattoos! Right now, I should be furiously putting dishes away and loading again, but I haven't had my second cuppa yet and my adorable little guy had me up at 5:30am!

This is going to be a full week on the blog with reviews and a great tip tomorrow! By the way, if you have a tip you'd like to share with my readers email me at adgmommy@ att. net and I'll be happy to feature you!

Today I'm going to ramble aimlessly tell you how I've only just realized that I can still use Outlook even though my trial is expired! Silly me. I've also discovered a very nice system called Open Office that works very similarly to Microsoft Office, but it's free! And the awesome thing is that it automatically converts into Word. This is very important to me, as a children's lit course I'm about to finish requires submissions in Word. For months I've been limiting my story writing to when my husband is home and his computer was available.

I often wonder what an amazing, intelligent and productive woman I might be if I was well-rested! My boy is lucky he's so cute now 16-months old and I am still up anywhere from 1 to 4 times a night. This is ridiculous. My girls slept through the night the minute I stopped breastfeeding. The problem with the boy is that I switched him to bottles instead of just stopping night feedings altogether. You see, I know the things I'm doing wrong and I know the steps that need to be taken to correct them, but as usual I'm too tired.

But it is getting better. Since resolving to do so, I've been exercising more, eating less and often drinking less coffee too! The last is more due to the fact that I've given up my at-home mochas and my tall peppermint mocha at Starbucks is just a delicious waste of money when I have perfectly capable caffeine at home.

Off to clean now. The virtual babysitter is being limited to 30-minutes this morning, so it's time for me to get my booty shaking. Clean the kitchen or go dance? The difficult choices of life never end, do they?!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. Happy MLK Day, You have to make the baby grow up else you will always have to get up during the night.


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