Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy 99th Birthday, Grandma!

Every year on this day we celebrate your birth
Another year gone by that you've graced this Earth

A woman, a mother, an artist, a teacher
We love all of you, every flaw, every feature

How blessed we are to be your family
A more magnificent person there never will be

Happy 99th Birthday, Grams
Love DG & the Fam

(c) DGMommy 10/23/10


  1. That's a lovely poem. My hubby's grandma just turned 100 recently. Amazing, isn't it? :)


  2. Happy Birthday to her! That is awesome! My Great Grandmother just turned 98 so she's ALMOST there :)

  3. my god, this poem is beautiful it got me all teary eyed! Thanks for visiting :) I'm following you now.


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