Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blog hops and Fairy Rescues (a Tinkerbell review)

Welcome Wednesday
I was thinking of skipping blog hops this week, but as hopping around from blog to blog is what I've spent a good portion of my day doing, I decided instead to join in! So, hop over to the host, Take It From Me, and do the same!

Now, onto Tinkerbell. My 4-year-old and I watched Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue together today and I have to say it: I love the Tinkerbell movies! In the first one Tinkerbell is much like a toddler, prone to tantrums. In the second she asserts her independence like a preschooler and in this Great Fairy Rescue, she's nearly all grown-up. Impetuous as ever, but likable! This movie offers exactly what I like in a video for my kids and nothing that I don't. The characters care about each other,
they are cheery  (except for the ever-grumpy Vidia, who is quite mild in this one and earns some love by the end), kind and help one another. No violence, no typical Disney evil step-mother or talk of a dead mother, just a nice storyline with nice characters and gorgeous animation.

What's more is that this story is delightful for parents as well and the moral of the story is more for us than them.  I wrote about this very thing the other day in my post Out to Lunch. It's to slow-down and be present with your kids. Pay attention to them. Give yourself to them and allow yourself to really receive them. Put down the phone, turn off the computer and the TV and any other distractions and spend time with your children. 

Which is what I'm off to do now. Apparently my boy is hungry!


  1. Greetings from Welcome Wed. I am your newest follower, come follow me back.

    I needed this today as I was racing to do a million things and my little grandson was over and got bored so instead of eating my gorgeous cupcakes that I was going to blog about he smushed them all over the counter. I cleaned up and then he did the same thing with the ghost truffles I had made. Should have just stopped and spent time with him.

  2. TY we were feeling the same thing...


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