Thursday, September 23, 2010

What a week!

And it's not even over yet!

- Darling daughter #2 loses her lovey somewhere between taking her shoes off and going to play with her sister. She and Papa are both certain she brought him home, but he is no where to be found. Bedtime is very difficult.

- I discover my 1-year-old's crib has been recalled.
- The cat came home with a very swollen paw that he can hardly walk on. Looks like a bite.
- My sweet singing first-born joins a choir!!! She had a blast. It was so cool. Little sis is still on the fence.
- Bedtime is still difficult for DD2. We've looked everywhere.  The beanie baby has been discontinued and is ridiculously expensive. E-bay offers a solution! The Lost Lovey Store is my new favorite.

- Same cat (we have two) vomits all over the couch and darling daughter #1 says, "Mommy! Milo's vomit is moving!" So disgusting! Worms. Apparently round. Call the vet and it's likely both cats have the worms. Appointment, poop review and wormer meds will cost around $100 per cat. I'll call back.
- Three sleeping children and a quiet dinner with hubby. A romantic thunderstorm and suddenly... black. no power. Baby screaming. He joined us for the rest of our dinner. Thank goodness for those camping lights!
- Baby can't fall back to sleep during the storm. Sleeps with us. Middle of the night I put him back into his bed. Awake a few hours later with one girl on each side of me.

- No school due to power outage. Sadness! Kids are happy, though.
- I am a wimp without electricity. Consumers tells us it might not be back until 5pm Friday!
- 5pm power is restored!!! Whoo hoo!
- DD2 is ok without the lovey for the first night.

- Grumpy girls.
- Vet appointment for Milo this afternoon.
- A replacement lovey arrives. DD2 is very happy. She knows it isn't the one she lost, but loves it and she takes him promptly to her bed where it will remain safe. Mommy is happy too.
- DD1 complaining (that's putting it mildly) about her ear. Cold + ear pain...

Can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings!

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