Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kindergarten, Kleenex and coffee

My little girl started Kindergarten yesterday! She was so excited. The nerves only came out at drop-off. Too many parents clogging the way into the classroom and the area where she needed to hang her jacket and backpack. We let her go in by herself, but when I peeked in to see how she was doing I saw her just standing there, not knowing quite what to do. Mommy to the rescue! After she was settled she gave me a kissing hand and checked to be sure she still had all the kisses I had given her earlier!

Little sis starts preschool next week. 3 mornings of only one child and hopefully he'll nap most of that time! He's the Kleenex and coffee portion of this post. Teething, a cold, and not sleeping very well! Which means neither am I, of course. But what's new! The boy turns 1 next week and hasn't slept through an entire night even once. But he sure is cuddly, and he's the last (please, god and birth control), so I guess I don't mind enough to do anything about it!

Now, to get into DGMommy mode.... I'm off to bake a birthday cake from scratch! As soon as hubby gets home with the eggs...

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