Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What is a "Domestic Goddess" anyway?

Let's explore the dictionary definitions of "Domestic" and "Goddess"...

Definition of Domestic: do·mes·tic (adjective)
3: of or relating to the household or the family <domestic chores> <domestic happiness>
4: devoted to home duties and pleasures <leading a quietly domestic life>
Definition of DOMESTIC (Noun)
1: a household servant (Don't like that one at all! Do you?)
Definition of GODDESS god·dess noun \ˈgä-dəs also ˈgȯ-\
1: a female god
2: a woman whose great charm or beauty arouses adoration (better!)

According to Urbandictionary.com a domestic goddess is:

A female who excels at baking, cooking, cleaning-housework of all sorts. She loves to please and enjoys hearing compliments about her awesomeness around the house/kitchen. She may sew, knit, have domestic hobbies that come out well. She doesn't have to have children to be considered a domestic goddess.

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