Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Crib recall: Steps 1 - 5

So, I'm doing a series of articles on crib recalls for examiner only to discover that the crib we've been using for the past 4 years (3 for darling daughter #2 and 1 year for our son) is on the recall list! So, I thought I'd document the wonderful process of dealing with and replacing a recalled crib.

This is for a Jardine crib. Other manufacturer procedures may be different.

Step 1: Crawl under your child's crib to obtain the model number and production date.
Step 2: Write the number down so that when you get back to your computer to verify your crib is part of the recall you do not have to go back upstairs to look again due to short term memory failure.
Step 3: Go to the recalled crib section on or this link: recalled cribs
Step 4: Fill out the form (e-file) to initiate the receipt of your pre-paid Fed Ex shipping label or do it by snail mail.
Step 5: Stop there because you're exhausted already!

And in the meantime the baby is still sleeping in this crib.

Jardine Olympia crib recalled 2009 Photo from

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