Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tools for the Domestic Goddess

This week I've been busy trying to live up to my (blog) name and catching up on some long overdue cleaning. On Wednesday, I very nearly changed my blog's title, thinking that no Domestic Goddess should ever have as much built up grime in her shower as I did. However, now that my bathroom sparkles, I've decided to keep my name as is.

Essential grime removing tools: Mr Clean Magic Eraser, or the generic brand - Meijer's version worked perfectly, and Seventh Generation's natural bathroom disinfectant. I have never used a natural cleaner that worked as well or better than a chemical based one until now! So there you have it.

Not only does my bathroom sparkle, but all 3 bedrooms and the children's bathroom, too. The girls' room took as long as my shower. Yikes! This coming week I'll move on to the main floor. This level has an open plan with kitchen, dining and living spaces all connected, plus a small half-bath. We keep this floor tidy, but a deep clean is overdue. For the kitchen, I vacuum once or twice daily, but mopping has been hit and miss since my Swiffer Steamer broke. Perhaps I scrubbed too vigorously.

Now, it seems, I have a similar problem with my Bissell. In the middle of vacuuming, the thing just falls apart, littering my momentarily clean floor with all that I had just sucked up! I have to vacuum as if it is a fragile piece of crystal, instead of a worthwhile Domestic Goddess cleaning tool! I am rather put off.

So, who makes a vacuum that can stand up to this (aspiring) Domestic Goddess Mommy? I have three very messy children and I need a vacuum/steamer that can live up to my standards. Oh, and I've tried the Bissell Steam & Sweep as well. It couldn't handle me either.

Any suggestions?


  1. I am the worst housekeeper!! I LOVE those Magic erasers, though (we use generic too), but honestly, I can't seem to ever e consistent with housekeeping. I stink. Thankfully my kids are all old enough to help a lot more now, but our house is often too messy for most people, I'm sure! We don't have much carpet, but we have a hand-me-down Kirby from my mom that we love.

    1. I look forward to when my kids can take on a bit more!! Thanks for your comment, Byn!

  2. Stopping by and following from the blog hop. :) I have never tried the seventh generation cleaners before... but I will have to now. Cleaning my shower is on my "to-do" list today.

    1. I love it and it is affordable too! Thanks for visiting!

  3. we're seventh generation fans! caught you on the blog hop and following you ;-) Hope you have a chance to come check out my little corner.

    take care,


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