Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pregnancy or Period?

The one I waited for
(My 1st born at 4 months) 
Have you (mothers) ever noticed that the start of a period is strikingly similar to the early days of pregnancy? Swollen, achy breasts, mild cramping and the sensation that your bladder has shrunk? Every month I wait in anticipation for the proof that it is just a period.

Yet, I can remember not so long ago when I desperately hoped for the very opposite. Those days and months and years of waiting, hoping, trying, wanting...

It seems like we women go through stages:

Stage 1: The Virgin's Period - Yuck. I hate this time of the month. Mother nature sucks!

Stage 2: The Sexually Active Period - Thank God!!! Yes! I have my period!

Stage 3: The Ready and Willing to be a Mom Period - Darn. No baby this month!

    *** Repeat Stages 2 and 3 until you have all the children you want (or more), then back to stage 2 until:

Stage 4: Hey, Where's My Period? Is this Menopause?

For some women, there's one more stage in-between 3 and 4: Stage Infertility: Another period. Heartbreak. Keep hoping. Keep praying. Some, like me, go on to become mothers naturally after some intervention; some become mothers through adoption; some never become mothers.

That's as far as I can get in my own experience. Well, I haven't experienced Menopause yet, but as my doctor mentioned in response to my irregular periods since having the boy, I am getting older!

Currently I'm full-on in Stage 2! I love my babes, but I'm happy (and slightly crazy) with three. So, come Aunt Flow! Show yourself!

In which stage are you?


  1. We are going to start trying again in May!! Also, my Indian friends have shared a method that can help lean towards boys or girls ... So I guess I'm in stage 2.5 haha :)

    1. Good luck! You'll have to write about whether or not it works!! ;)

  2. I'm pregnant again:) We have been blessed to not have to wait long once we start trying and hope it goes that way for the next 3 we want. I know a lot of people who have gone through the wait and hope stage for long periods time and I feel for their pain and sadness.

    new GFC follower from make my morning hop.

    1. Congratulations, Shannon!! I wanted 5 kids... until I had 3!!! :) I'm going to be visiting your blog now! Thanks for following mine!

  3. I'm in the "I can't wait for Menopause to happen someday" period. Is that an option?? LOL. It's so funny this post, because I remember all that! And it's true, every month it feels like how it did when I found out I was pregnant and I get that "Uh oh?" feeling...but then I remember, hubby was snipped hehe ;)

  4. I'm not really sure is there a really moody stage. I am always moody.

  5. I love this!!! IT is so true! I guess though I'm stuck somewhere between a 2 and a 3. I'm so relieved when it comes each month since I already have 2 kiddos...but at the same time I may be a little dissapointed that I'm not having another little one!

  6. Hilarious! I think all of the stages are definitely! I am stage 2 right now. We have a 19 month old daughter, and we're not quite ready to start ttc again.

  7. So funny ;)))I am stage 2 now... but also crazy with 3 children
    of different ages 17, 4, 2 OMG


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