Sunday, March 4, 2012

Crindelstar Review & Giveaway!

Crindelstar: Where the Universe Dreams

Let's start the week off with a Giveaway!! 

CrindelStar is a unique and totally green new digital book that comes along with an uplifting music track. The artwork on the cover is enough to stop any unicorn lover in their tracks.

The story begins with Maria crying - she's feeling peer pressure to give up her belief in Unicorns. That is until CrindelStar comes crashing through her open window, in the form of a non-magical creature, and tells her of magical things she never knew, or rather, things she had forgotten.

The message of the story is a beautiful reminder to hold on to your dreams and never stop believing; and more importantly, to always believe in yourself. As a mother of two girls who are just reaching the age when peers actually matter and self-esteem becomes an issue, I loved CrindelStar. Maria calls herself "stupid" when she talks about her belief in unicorns, but CrindelStar, urges her never to do that, because what you "believe, you become." It's a message my 6-year-old needed to hear from a source other than me!

The story is in digital format - not a book, but an MP3 file for you to download and listen to. My daughters enjoyed the story, but they were disappointed that there weren't more pictures! They are crazy for unicorns (as you may have learned from my most previous book review). I'd suggest that this story suits the 7+ crowd best. The very cool thing is that after you purchase your download (or win one!) you'll receive what seems to be just a small cardboard square with the pictured graphics (see above). What it really is, though, is a seed packet of wildflowers!! My girls went crazy for this because we love, love, love to garden. All you do is (wait until spring!) plant the card in the ground and voila! Wildflowers.

You can buy it here or simply enter below to win your digital download and wildflower card packet! Good luck!

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