Sunday, December 30, 2012

Birthday Reflections

It's my birthday today. If I had written the post I had in mind yesterday, it would be completely different from that of today. Yesterday, I was thinking about how birthdays just aren't the same when you have young kids. It isn't your day at all. It's still all about your children. I begrudged that fact a little bit, since I think a birthday should be all about the birthday person, but as a mom you have to give that up for a while.

Growing up, I truly felt like my birthday was the most special day of the year. Cheers to my mom, for it's not an easy feat when your child's birthday comes between Christmas and New Years. Yet, for me, my mom managed to make the 30th of December the absolute best day of every year. And cheers to the mothers of my friends, who happily sent their kids for sleepovers, pizza and scary movies at my house year after year from Kindergarten through high school.

Yesterday, I told my husband that all I wanted today was to sleep in and then later in the day, of course, have champagne and chocolate birthday cake. He agreed, but I secretly doubted the sleeping in part. The Boy is always up early and that means so am I. For the past 7 years, my birthday has been spent taking care of my children, instead of myself, like it used to be.

Yet, today, I find myself surprised and enlightened.

I did get to sleep in - until 10am! That's when The Boy came in to show me he had dressed himself and to tell me that it was almost time for the party! I took my time showering and getting ready. When I came downstairs, with prior approval from my husband and to the sounds of my children rushing about, my wonderful family shouted out, "Happy Birthday!"

The girls had made a "Happy Birthday!" poster, gifts of felt hearts, string and bead necklaces and pipe cleaner rings. Coffee service was set up alongside my favorite biscuits and the smiles of my children lit the room brighter than candles.

Later this afternoon, we'll head out for dinner at a pub and come home to Champagne and chocolate cake. My heart is full as I realize the beautiful truth - Today isn't all about me anymore, it's about my children celebrating me.

That's better than anything in the world.

Happy Birthday!


  1. Ooohhh! WONDERFUL birthday to you! And welcome back to being the center of the universe on Dec. 30! (Be prepared though, cuz in 20 yrs, give or take, you'll be back to feeling like no one really cares!) Ahhh the cycle of life :) Enjoy Tamara Day today!!

    1. Not true!! I'll forever more be the center of my own universe! Hah, just kidding! Thanks for the b-day wishes!!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a good day and the pic looks great!


  3. Happy Birthday! Lucky you! What a good family you have...

  4. Happy your birthday was as special as ever Tam. Thank you for appreciating all I did to make it special growing up. Its nice when your children are old enough to appreciate all the things you did for them as children. Making birthdays special, because they are, and christmas decorations special. Hopefully I've filled my children with a lifetime of beautiful memories.

    1. I'm Glad you had a wonderful birthday because you deserved it AT


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