Monday, December 17, 2012

Forever Changed - Choosing Love and Compassion Over Anger

Cherish Every Moment
Photo Copyright Tamara Vellozzo
I am one of those people who search for the good in every situation. I truly believe, no matter the horror, there is the opportunity for growth. As we look at Friday's heart-shattering events, it's humanity's duty to expand.

The purest expression of this expansion happened effortlessly across the world this weekend. Every parent blessed to have their babies safe at home with them held their child closer, showed their love more freely and appreciated each moment more than they had the day before. For me, I can hardly express the exponential increase in the love I have for my children, my gratitude for my family and the feeling that everything and every one on Earth is connected.

Each time this weekend when my kids did something that would usually irritate me, I thought of those innocent souls who were lost on Friday. I thought of the anguish their parents are facing. I thought of the suffering of those who survived. I thought of the siblings, children and spouses of those who were killed. In the split second of space that comes between irritant and reaction, my heart filled with gratitude for my family and I responded more patiently and more lovingly than I ever have before.

The beauty that comes from tragedy is the unified spirit of love and compassion that embraces those who are directly impacted and then radiates outward to everyone on the planet. The lesson is one not to be learned and forgotten until the next time, but to be held in our awareness forever. In the spirit of love and compassion our country can move forward to make the changes necessary to stop these horrendous, avoidable crimes.

Events like these forever change those who are touched by it. It's each individual's choice to ensure that change is a positive one. For me, I'm experiencing a level of gratitude I've never before achieved. With it comes a sense of peace and inner happiness that holds fast even as my eyes spill over with grief for those children and their families.

If those parents can find one gift through their pain, I hope it will be to see how their children impacted the world. They inspired so much love and compassion and we will all remember that they were here.

This video is from World Humanitarian Day and every person who died on Friday could proudly speak the words sung here by Beyonce. Share this and share love and share compassion.


  1. I saw such a humbling video from a father of one of the victims on youtube. He is the purest example in his expression of faith, compassion and forgiveness.

    1. I saw that too. Tried not to sob in front of my children so they wouldn't ask what I was watching. What an amazing family. It's his reaction that I hope more people will share in their hearts as well as sharing through social media.

  2. It really does make you thankful for what you have and through gains and losses, it's important to remember the impact your loved ones have (or have had) in life.


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