Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thoughts From a Cop - Part 2 of Officer Mommy's Holiday Safety Tips

Yesterday we learned how important it is to keep your children in their safety seats. Though this is the stuff we don't like to think about happening to our children, knowledge and prevention can keep our children living the long, healthy lives we want them to.

Officer Mommy Says!
Today, Officer Mommy shares Tip #2, one that I thought you should have before heading out to the malls with your kids in tow. Read it, take it to heart, and never be embarrassed to do what it takes to keep your children safe!

Take it away, Sis!

As I told you yesterday, all crimes increase over the holidays and this one never gets old. 

Tip #2 is about child abduction. It's a busy time of year and all the crazies are out! Pay attention to your children. Do not get distracted when you are out shopping with them. Keep them within your reach and sight at ALL times.  

I am not embarrassed to say I keep my 4-year-old son on a leash...literally...because I love him. When we shop, the baby sits in the cart, which I keep close at hand, and he wears what looks like a teddy bear backpack with a lanyard that attaches to my belt.

It only takes a fraction of a second for your child to disappear and the unimaginable to occur. This is the bad guy you'll never see coming...or leaving with your child.

Sorry to freak you out, people! While I want you to remember the beauty of the holiday, I want you do celebrate it safely. Now go knock off that shopping list, but be sure to come back Monday to learn Officer Mommy's 3rd and final seasonal safety tip!!

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  1. Glad u posted's easy to become complacent. We need reminders to put us back into "alert" mode.


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