Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolutions: 2012 Review

With my husband back to work, the girls finally catching up on NYE loss of sleep and the boy engrossed in a  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode, it's time to review last year's resolutions before I set new goals for 2013.

Let's take a look at what I resolved last year and how I fared:

1. Lose final 5lbs, putting me back at my pre-baby weight of 125lbs.- Technical Failure.
Comments: In 2011, I lost 10lbs and had 5 more to go, which I did not exactly achieve in 2012. I did actually lose 5lbs, but they were the 5 I had gained during a rather stressful early summer. So, it's a wash and I still have those 5lbs to lose. However, I'm at a very healthy weight, so the 5lbs are a want and not a need at this point. Enough rationalizing for you?

2. Reduce my family's dietary intake of animal products to a maximum of 30% - Failure
Comments: This goal was inspired by the movie Forks Over Knives (Read my brief review here). It was a good goal, but ambushed by the fact that we are massive carnivores in this house and it simply wasn't realistic. That said, we did largely cut down our beef intake after moving to England, if only because it's very expensive and just doesn't taste as good. 

3. Be a published, author, in print. Success
Comments: Well, partial success. I self-published How Do You Sleep, Baby Dolphin? through Amazon's Create Space, so I'm not giving myself full credit for this. Still, it's in print, I've made some sales and that's an achievement. 

4. Earn a viable income from writing - Failure. 
Comments: I have greatly increased my writing income, by at least 300%, so there is improvement, but it is still not a viable income. It helps, but it doesn't pay the bills. 

5. Give my blog a face lift - Passed. 
Comments: I did give the blog a very mild face lift. More like a botox injection. It still needs work, but I'm not sure how much time and effort I want to put into it at this point. I'm busy clarifying goals right now and then we'll see. 

Overall Assessment - I'm slightly disappointed in my results this year, especially after how well I did the year before. However, it was a challenging year, to say the least. We reduced to focusing on the bottom three of Maslow's  hierarchy of needs. Hopefully this year we'll be able to surpass the basics, but those details will come later in my 2013 New Year's Resolution Vlog!

How did you do?

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