Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Tips & Tricks - Steamed Vegetables and Watering Houseplants

Those two phrases, "Steamed Vegetables and Watering Houseplants" may seem like strange mates, but not for me! I hate to waste. It's almost a problem. I scrape every last drop out of containers and jars, save leftovers for  hiding in purees and squeeze out toothpaste until there is no air left in the tube.

Water is the same. Any water left in a glass or cup by my children gets used for the cats or plants. When we steam, or even boil vegetables, I can't stand to see so much water poured down the drain, so instead, I water my plants with the cooled water that remains.

It is an excellent source of nutrients for your plants! It also leaves me feeling less guilty about using more water in one pot of vegetables than some people have access to in a week.

In summation, today's tip is: Use your leftover water from steaming or boiling vegetables to water the plants!

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