Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Dream Come True - A Tale of Friendship

Friends stand by each other
I hadn't realized that somewhere along the lines of dreaming of marriage and family, I also dreamed of having a best friend who lived just down the street, whose children were the same age as mine. I imagined us walking to school together, trading stories about our kids and being able to count on each other when one of us needed a hand. I suppose, growing up, I imagined this would be my sister, but as it turns out, it isn't. It is my friend, B, and it is her birthday today.

She is the friend I have always wanted. We live just down the street from one another and our daughters go to school together - we both have two very close in age. 1st graders and Kindergartners who've been in school together since 3-year-old preschool.

When the Michigan weather has favored us, we've walked to or from school together; I've taken her kids before mine were even awake when a trip to the ER was required; she was a savior taking my girls when my boy was born, so I could get a little rest or simply retrieve a bit of my sanity.

And we've had wonderful play-dates together. All the children play, mercifully requiring less and less attention as they get older. We've had coffee play-dates, wine play-dates and sometimes a little of both and even a few sans kids. She listens, she supports, she remembers what we were talking about when our conversation resumes after a 5-minute-long interruption from any given child.

She has been the best friend, a sister to me for the past 4-years and I love her. So, because the tears will cloud my vision and ability to write, I won't go on right now about how among everything we'll be leaving behind when we move, I'll miss her the most.

Happy Birthday, B.


  1. *sob* Thank you. Gah, I'm going to miss you too. xoxo I want to write more, but, you know, tears. Work make up. *sob more* xoxoxo more

  2. Oh, and....thank you for using that skinny butt picture. That totally looks like me. :D

  3. wonderful tribute to Bethanyg. i envy you guys. you are definitely blessed to have each other!

  4. Thanks, Vanita.
    You're welcome, B!!


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