Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Reunions - A Mom, Her Razor and Shaving Soap

I used to take time and care when shaving. I enjoyed a long, steamy shower to loosen up those follicles, used plenty of shaving soap or cream and a high-quality razor. Before kids, shaving was a calm, stress-relieving activity. Then I had a baby; then another and another. 3 little kids = little time for shaving, but now that the warm weather is here to stay, I need to add it back into my routine.

Men only have faces to shave. We have two legs. Consider the difference in area (as a mathematical term, not the location). We have so much more ground to cover. It takes so much more time, especially around bony ankles and knees.

I've devised a maintenance plan for this shaving season. Twice a week, I’ll shave only above the knees and up to 3x a week, depending on the weather and beach or pool plans, I will shave knees and below! 

I'd so much rather spend an extra 10-minutes in bed sleeping (or at least trying to over the 6am shouts of "Mommy! I want to get out!" from my crib-confined 2-year-old). Yet, we can't run around looking like Mother Bigfoots, can we? 

So, how do you fit in shaving and what’s your product preference? 


  1. Shaving is a chore, regardless, but now that I'm pregnant...goodness! I've started buying those waxing strips. I figure it'll toughen me up for labor.

    1. Hah! Good luck, Ashley!! If you plan on an epidural, you'll be tough enough. Planning natural? Waxing is NOTHING!Thank you for commenting!!!

  2. I hate shaving! I don't do it as often in the winter since I'm not married and they are mostly covered, I mean I do it, but not as often. Actually, we don't just have to shave our legs, we've got armpits and other areas as well, lol. It's definitely not much fun, but in the summer I keep them shaved and I just use regular old soap and then I use lotion or shea butter to keep them nice and silky.

    I hate the shaving part, but love the results.

    Sounds like you've got a good reasonable plan for yourself.


  3. Thanks, as always, for your visit! :)

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