Thursday, May 3, 2012

Downsizing and A World of Possibilities

There's no better reason to clear clutter than being unemployed and going through bankruptcy! First up, my husband's beloved Mini Cooper. I was down about this on Monday when we returned it to the bank, but he was so positive about it, that his good attitude finally rubbed off on me.

Next weekend is our neighborhood garage sale. We'll be selling as much as we can. Not just to get rid of the myriad toys the kids have outgrown (but still don't want to let go of), but also to make enough money to get us through a little while longer. My goal is to sell at least $1,000 worth of stuff. Yes, "stuff" being the technical term. We have desks, TVs, toys, camping equipment (used once!), clothes, tons of beautiful knick-knacks that we've collected on our travels throughout the world (most before kids). It hurts to sell some of it, but it feels good to lighten our load. It will feel really good if it allows us to feed our family for another month or two.

My husband is still job-seeking. Hundreds of resumes sent out all over the world. Like a favorite song goes, "...but who knows where or when." So, I'm focusing on making a real income with freelance writing, The Mom Press company I'm developing (more later) and proofreading and editing. It may mean less time here on the blog, or maybe more sponsored posts than I'm used to, but it would be a dream (and a goal) come true to support my family writing.

There's another amazing thing about being a writer: writers can write from anywhere. So, when our time is up in this house that we no longer own, but simply reside in, we have the world to choose from. Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the US or the world?

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