Friday, January 20, 2012

No More Babies

That's it. No more babies for me. Now, I have children. Little kids getting bigger each day. My youngest, the 2-year-old toddler has officially left his babyhood behind. When I call him "Baby" now, he corrects me, points to himself and says, "No. Me big boy," with big, just-learning-how-to-talk pauses between each sweet word.

But it's his cheeks that get me. Suddenly, though they are still soft and kissable, they have lost that baby-soft texture. That silky, soft perfect baby cheek feel that I love so much. As if overnight, the boy has a child cheek. My heart, and my own cheeks, ache a little at the loss.

Yet, I am happy. Of course, I am elated! My children are growing into fine young people. I have finished my years of taking care of babies and though I hold them dear, I am pleased to be through them. Sleep has improved and diapers are on their way out! More often the boy asks to go "pee pee" or "poop" on Dahdah (his name for the Dora toddler toilet seat). It makes me smile and laugh.

That's it. No more babies for me. It is both beautiful and bittersweet. And I am happy.


  1. haha I love this because I was just talking about this with hubby the other day. We're also done having kids and our youngest is 2 years old, oldest 4 years old. Like you said, it's bittersweet, but we're SO happy that we get sleep now, no bottles, etc. They were cute as babies, but exhausting hehe. Love how independent they're getting :)

  2. Happy for you that you have passed that stage. I have a 6 month old so we're still going through the baby stage. But I often look at my 3yr. old and ask myself where time has gone... she's getting to be a big girl and not a baby anymore :( Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the nice comment :) I appreciate it, hope you have a great weekend.


  3. Thanks for this reminder to reach down and touch my own youngest's cheek. She's 17 month, so it will be very soon that I have "no more babies" as well. I'm ready for a bit more freedom, but of course it's bittersweet o leave behind the baby years.

  4. Well, according to my mom, they'll always be your babies and you will never stop worrying about them, no matter how old they are and there is always a chance you will have grand babies someday too...the difference with grand babies is, even though you may baby sit, you can give them back when you are done, lol.

    Just stoppin by to see what's been going on and to say hello. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.




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