Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finding Joy in Every Moment

I have no idea what to write about. I'm rather stuck. I rarely have a moment like this, so I've decided to link in to Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop. She gives 5 writing prompts, you choose one to write about and then you link up on Thursday.

It just so happens that prompt #5 is "What brings you joy, in good times and in bad?" inspired by Oprah. Of course!

This is a question dear to my heart as I want to live an affirmative life. It can be a great challenge, but it's one that I choose to accept every single day. Especially on the really bad days (like yesterday when I wake up to cat pee all over the floor and I discover my car is dead just when the girls are buckled up and we're late for school).

In these moments I'm making a concerted effort to bring up in my mind an image or memory that is or was exceptionally joyful. I hold it in my mind until I the feelings associated with it wash over me again and I'm in a place of joy. With a heart full of love and light, I can calmly and patiently get through to a better moment. And that's what life is... just moments. One can be rough and the next can be monumentally beautiful.

When I feel overwhelmed in a bad moment, I picture my boy and hear his delicious laugh. Or, if he's the cause of the bad moment (he's two-years-old), I picture my Grandmother. She turned 100 in October and is the most incredible woman I've ever known. She's always smiling, always positive. She's inspired thousands of people over the years as an art teacher and lover of life. She is beautiful, she glows, and she absolutely embodies joy.

These are the thoughts that bring a smile to my own lips and straight through to my heart. Memories of joyful moments, and the people who are a part of those moments, are what bring me joy in good times and bad.


  1. Or you ARE right in the midst of the morning memories I wrote about! I totally get why this little face brings you joy. So sweet!

    Hang in there knowing this too shall pass (and when it does you might find you miss it!).

  2. Your grandmother is enjoying long life because she is so filled with joy :) What a wonderful example!!

  3. May - Yes, I might just miss it a bit! But I'll cherish the memories and I'm savoring every good moment!

    Lisa - You are exactly right! She rocks.


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