Monday, December 12, 2011

Why Poor People Love Santa

I've been gently pushing an "attitude of gratitude" with my daughters, ages 5 and 6 lately. We're in a tight spot. They've lived a financially stable life up until this point and we're trying hard not to let them know we're struggling. I told her a year or so ago when she started asking about poor and rich that we were neither, but comfortable. We were then. I explained to her that we couldn't have everything we'd like, but we had plenty. Now we're leaning toward the poor house, though I'd never go in reverse and give up going into business on our own.

I've wondered if my 'teaching' was getting through to them. Then, a few days ago my 6-year-old said, "Poor people must really love Christmas."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because they get things they want," she told me.

"How?" I already knew her answer.


Of course. The beauty of her innocence and belief in magic inspired me. I felt uplifted by her thoughtfulness and I can see the first true blossom of gratitude. I am truly thankful that the seeds I've been planting are starting to grow.


  1. That is very sweet. My 2 1/2 yr old keeps saying Santa is going to bring her lots and lots of presents and toys, Santa is broke this year. But she is young enough, thankfully, that even 2 is a lot. Stopping by from the blog hop.

  2. That post literally gave me goosebumps! You are definitely doing something right with your kids. There are so many people in similar situations, hopefully they all have such a wonderful take on it as your family! I love your blog, I'm following your RSS feed now from the Tuesday Blog Hop! If you have a chance hop over to my blog!

  3. Blessed are the poor in spirit....

  4. Thanks for your comments! Santa's broke here too, FM! Thank you, Bargain Gab for stopping by and following me! I appreciate your comment.


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