Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Missing Piece to a Perfect Life

As a society we tend to focus on what we lack, instead of all that we have. It's true of us mothers when we say, "You never listen" and "Your room is always a mess!". But those extreme comments usually aren't true. "Never" and "Always" are more often really just "sometimes".

We always need more of this and more of that and there's never enough time to complete the "to do" list. I'm guilty of the same mindset. Yet, on my journey to a better me, and together with my husband on our journey to a better "we," I've learned to change my frame of reference. I have to practice my new way of looking at life from a gratitude perspective every single day, but more often than not lately, I'm achieving my goal.

We have a beautiful family. Our three children are smart, funny, healthy and gorgeous. We are so grateful. We have a beautiful marriage because we've put effort into it and created our dream marriage. It's imperfectly perfect. We have our health. We have a beautiful home that shelters us and keeps us comfortable. We love our jobs as owners of an awesome store that is getting noticed and picking up in sales and customers. We have all of these wonderful things.

We have just one problem. We have no money. No income, drained savings, nada, zip, nil. Am I freaking out about this on a daily basis? Yes, I am. Sometimes hourly. We need to generate some income. A brick & mortar store doesn't do much beyond covering costs for the first year or two and ours is hardly doing that yet. I love to write, but $20 a month and a free can of tomatoes doesn't pay for the mortgage or cars. It's flipping scary.

Still, when I look at the big picture... it's a small problem. Relationships take years to repair when broken, health can be painful to restore when it's possible. Things are just things. Money is just money. It comes and it goes and it usually comes around again. We have to have it, but it isn't what makes life beautiful. I have an amazing life and a fabulous family. Now I just need to generate some cash.


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  2. This was such a great post! I too have moments where I have to tell myself the same things. I always think to myself, "No matter what, someone else has it worse...". There's always someone else there struggling more than you. It sounds like you have a very beautiful family, marriage and home. Be thankful every day and everything else will fall into place :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving that comment! You asked about my poll, did you mean the peanut allergy poll? If you go to Design in your dashboard, click "Add Gadget" and scroll down the list, it will say "Poll". :) Hope that helps!

  3. You'll get there!

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    Happy Holidays!


  4. I loved reading this. I keep telling myself that I would love to be a stay at home mom, but there is no way we could afford it. I keep thinking "if only this were paid off" or "If only we didn't have to pay____". I realize that I am very lucky. I do still worry, but I don't need to everyday. I have been worse off. You hang in there! Good things will come your way.

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  5. I worry a lot about money too but my partner told me it's the one thing we shouldn't worry about. Never worry about money. So I try not to :)


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