Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The lost lost tooth (no, that's not a typo!)

My oldest daughter's tooth has been wiggly for the past couple of weeks. It was the first tooth in and last night it became the first tooth out! She was playing around trying to pull something with a scarf she had in her mouth, like a horse with reigns, and out it popped!

"Mommy, look!" she cried joyfully. "My tooth!" She was bleeding a bit, so I gave her a damp paper towel to hold in place for a few minutes while I rinsed her tiny, little tooth.
She ran upstairs to get the beautiful white tooth pillow we've had since before she was born and brought it back down for me. Together, we put it in the pillow and I sent her to put it on her bed. Then I realized I needed to take pictures and followed her upstairs while my other two sat down to dinner.

We took a few pics and put the tooth back in its place. She told me she wanted to keep the tooth. She didn't want the Tooth Fairy to take it. "No problem, I said, "We'll write her a note just like the kid from Super Why."  She was supposed to put the tooth pillow back on her bed while I headed back to the kitchen with her following.

Later, when it was nearing bedtime, I walked my youngest to his room, which is next door to his sisters', I saw my daughter frantically tossing her bedding around.

"I lost my tooth!" she cried, this time joylessly, holding out a toothless pillow.
"You lost your tooth?" I replied incredulously. Seeing her throw her bed pillow and comforter around her cluttered mattress, I knew the tooth would not be easily found. My girls can't exactly be described as tidy individuals and their room is a constant clean-up project.

After a  minute, while I'm searching under the bed among many little toys and scraps, I started laughing at the hilarity of the situation. My baby girl lost her first tooth, which is a very exciting milestone for parent and child. Then, she lost it! It's so perfect. She's a smart, funny, wonderful child, but also clumsy and downright silly. She did not find the situation nearly as funny as I did, so I tried to be serious. It was hard!

After more fruitless searching, she divulged that she had run around the house with the pillow. It was no where to be found. So, instead of writing the Toothfariy a note to explain that she wanted to keep the tooth, my darling daughter and I wrote a note explaining the loss and asking for fairy magic help to find it the next day.

My magic-loving girl wanted to write a spell and make a potion, so we did! We grabbed a little jar and threw in some cloves, star anise and whatever else magic-like herbs and spices (she's 6, everything is magic!) I had on hand and then by the light of the full moon coming through the kitchen window, we chanted:

Dear Fairies, help me see
Where it is my tooth may be
By the full moon's light, grant me fairy power
To find my tooth at day's earliest hour

We still haven't found the tooth (yuck!), but she was sure happy with her $1 coin the following morning! And we both still believe in magic and fairies.


  1. What a cute letter, my son accidentally swallowed his tooth. He was so embarrassed he didn't want to write the tooth fairy a note. We pretended it never happened!

  2. We were worried about that happening! Poor guy!


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