Saturday, April 9, 2011

Passon praise and Spring break

I really appreciate all of the many wonderful comments about my last post. You'll be happy to know that in celebration of reaching 300 followers, which will happen within the next week, I'm guessing, I'm going do a giveaway in conjunction with the Passion Test facilitator mentioned in my previous post! Check back for details in the coming days!

Ahh, the last day of spring break! It's been fun and interesting having the girls home every day all day this week. Last Friday I decided that I was also going to take the week off. Off from most wine work, off from the blog and off from any other tasks that required focused attention. Instead, I gave myself to my kids.

Finally, I see in them a passion for reading! All it takes is one good book, I guess. My 5-year-old is crazy over 'My Secret Unicorn' by Linda Chapman. She actually chose reading over a video! Hooray! And I got to read too!! I ran right out and bought 'Land of the Painted Caves', the final book in the Earth's Children series by Jean M. Auel. I thought it would take me longer, but found myself reading every spare moment and then some! I came down with a timely cold which allowed my hubby to feel bad for me and let me lay around last weekend which gave me a good head start on the book and I finished it today! I have mixed feelings about it, so if any of you are big fans and want to do a book club chat of some sort, let me know!

Thanks for all of your support and continued following as I write posts that are few and far between!


  1. should come by and link up to the I Love My Online Friends Monday Hop if you would like to get some more followers. It is going on now, so feel free to pass by. :)

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  2. It must have been nice to take a break from it all...except getting sick was not fun!

  3. It sounds like your spring break with the kids was fabulous. It's great that you could take time off to just be with them! Lovely!

    I'm your newest follower ... so nice to "meet" you! :-)

  4. Hi there! :) Awesome blog - I am your newest follower from the blog hop. Would love a follow back!



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