Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happiness Helpers

Well, as it happens, strep throat (see last post) has also helped me eliminate a very bad habit of mine: shouting at my kids. I can barely raise my voice right now, so there's been no shouting on my part for two whole days. Today will make three. Last night at bedtime I talked with my girls about that difference. They really like it.

This morning, after an episode where I would have shouted if I could, I suddenly came up with the idea of Happiness Helpers, and I enlisted my firstborn immediately. I told her that I really wanted this house to be happier with no shouting and less arguing and many more hugs, more love and more respect. So, I asked if she would like to help me make that change. She agreed to be my partner and I gave her the job of "Happiness Helper". We'll make an official badge this afternoon and lay out her role, which is that of "role model". I explained that it meant that she would be in charge of demonstrating (she surprised me by knowing what this word means) the behaviors we want to see more of: good listening, respect, and care. She happily agreed and we hugged to seal the deal.

I'm excited about this opportunity. I am grateful, as strange as it may seem, for all of the opportunities for change that have come from one bout of strep throat. Look around you and see all the doors that open from one seemingly negative experience. I'm going to be an agent of change, making partners of my children, from this day forward. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

PS: The book link is one I own, which is a tremendous resource. After reading it once for college and once more a couple of years ago, I'm finally ready to utilize it. Happy Wednesday!


  1. If it works, you should market that! Sorry to hear you are still feeling unwell. I hate when I can't use my voice.,

    No AF yet. :o/

    Will test again tomorrow.

  2. I love it! I tend to be a bit of a shouter myself at times and also have an oldest that would love this job. Thanks so much for the great idea!


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