Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The sting of rejection

Ouch. I've heard of it, read about it, but never experienced it. Until today. My baby boy wanted nothing to do with Mommy once Papa was around. When Papa left the room, the boy screamed. He swatted my hand away when I tried to comfort him. Enter big sis. She laid a gentle hand on his back and stroked him saying, "It's ok. You want Papa? He'll be right back." He quieted down immediately and let her just stroke his hair and back until Papa returned. It was one of the most beautiful parenting moments I've experienced so far. And also, a little sad. I've never been rejected by my little ones before.

Papa takes the girls to school now that he's working at home. For some odd reason he always gets a shower and I rarely do! The girls start school 30 minutes apart so he takes one at a time and returns between as we live just 2 minutes by car from the school. The little guy screamed and cried when Papa walked out the door with the first to go to school and waved goodbye vigorously out the window. The same big sis was there to comfort him.

Now, big sis gets her shoes on to go to school when Papa returns and the little guy gets out his coat and starts trying to put it on. He's not yet 19 months old. Big sis proceeds to teach her little bro how to put on a jacket. He is ready to go. So, we agree that he'll accompany Papa to take big sis to school. Papa can't understand my mixed emotions. The little guy won't even give me a kiss goodbye. Just swats me away again. Big sis gives me a comforting, loving hug. She understands. She is beautifully empathetic.

I am thrilled to see the relationship between my husband and son. I feel no envy, only love and warmth. Still, the rejection stings. It is bittersweet. And a new experience for me. Yet, I embrace each moment of motherhood - good, bad, happy, sad. And all of those that fall in between.

Sibling love


  1. Awww, I would be sad too! My hubby feels that way since my little guy is all about mammy :)

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  2. Awww, that would make me sad. I don't have kids, but when my nephew hit that phase of girls are icky was sucky.

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  3. Thank you so much for your comment. Reading that really gave me the opportunity to see that I'm giving this person the power to bully me.

    I guess my biggest conceren is my job. The person bullying me is the parent of one of my clients. She basically was ticked off because she can't get exactly what she wants and took it out on me because I was there. I'm so new at the clinic that I'm afraid of being let go if I tick off a paying client.

    But you are right, what can this person really do to me? I spoke with the director and the head of my department and they realize I'm not at fault. The worst is that she'll pull her child from our office and take him else where. And honestly, at this point I don't see that being a bad thing. The hours I work are desirable and I'll have a new client fill that time.

    Thanks for your words. And I too think of us as friends :o)

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  6. This is so sweet...don't worry, you've still got his heart. These phases come and go but mommy and daddy are forever!

  7. Your little boy loves you; you are his mother and no one could ever take your place:)


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