Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monkeying Around - a costume review

I had the exciting opportunity to do a review of a costume for the online costume company Costume Supercenter. In return for an honest review of their product, I was given my choice of costumes from their website. Who needs a holiday to play dress-up! I love encouraging imaginative play in my children and right away asked my 4-year-old daughter what costume she and her big sister might be able to share. Somehow I never lose my optimism!!! She wanted a butterfly costume, her sister yet another Ariel costume. I must admit one of the several choices of Ariel on the website was very different and lovely, but we already have two of those!

So, on second thought, to the disappointment of the girls, I decided to get the boy's first costume! I never dress up babies for Halloween, but this year the little guy will be two years old and will make the absolute perfect... Monkey! You can see the website's picture of the costume here and you can see my guy in the costume here:

Sorry the picture isn't very clear, but this little monkey NEVER stops moving! The pictures are taken from my phone, as this monkey dropped my camera in the cat's water dish recently.

The costume is a size 2T and my little guy is just 19months, so it is a bit long on him, but it should fit perfectly by October. Plus, I love when there is room to grow so to extend the life of a costume. And this one is going to get plenty of use. Check out the next picture:

The 4-year-old actually fits in the costume perfectly! My kids tend to run a little on the smaller size, though.

And, of course, my little actress had to get in on the event! 
She's 5 and managed to fit, though it was snug and short on her:

This monkey costume comes with feet, big enough to fit over shoes, and the head is separate from the body, which makes it more comfortable, in my opinion. The material polyester and dry clean only, which is my only complaint. I never take anything to the dry cleaner if I can help it. But those brand name dryer dry cleaning cloths work well enough most of the time. As I was checking the links you'll find below, I noticed this cosutme is currently out of stock, but I'm betting there will be more by the time the costume season rolls around.

You can check out other toddler costumes here, and other animal costumes here. And besides those they have a full range of costumes from infant to adult. I found the selection to be excellent and the prices were great too! Another thing I think most moms will appreciate is that they offer free size and product exchanges, including shipping, and the directions to do so come along with the costume. So, you buy a costume, you and your little one decide it isn't the right one, and the company exchanges it free of charge! I love this!

I am very pleased with the costume, the customer service and so are my kids!
You can find Costume Discounters on Facebook, Twitter and again, at these links:

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