Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Passion - What lights your fire?!

I'm not talking about romantic passion here. I'm talking what sets your soul on fire, what fuels you to grow into the person you aspire you to be?

A few weeks ago at a networking event I met Michelle. She is a life coach who administers the Passion Test with her clients. We chatted over coffee yesterday and as we talked about her work with women, especially moms who are coming out of that newborn/baby coma (you know what I'm talking about unless you're still in it) I felt a shift within myself. I felt like a tetris board whose pieces just turned and dropped right into place. For years I've been thinking about being a writer, for months I've been calling myself a writer, and I think yesterday I finally embraced, or became, a writer. I allowed my brain to accept the fact that writing is my calling. Writing a parenting blog and writing children's prose. Those two things. I could be a wine writer, but it doesn't get me going. I could write about pet care, but I don't care about that.

Wine is also a passion for me and working with my husband is a passion for me. What is wonderful, and what Michelle validated, is that one does not have to have a singular passion that one devotes themselves to entirely. I do not have to give up my writing to pursue the dream with my husband. I do not have to feel like a 'less-than' mother because I am not with, and frankly don't want to be with, my children 100% of the time. I can do all of these simultaneously and be successful at all of them and be a happy and fulfilled person because I'm getting back in joy the energy I give to my writing, my business and my family.

Michelle said, "Kids go away and someday you are left with you."

Think about that. We'll (you and me) talk more tomorrow. Or another day very soon!


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  2. Very true! We lose ourselves in our kids! looking forward to your next post.

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  4. I am trying to figure out what my passion is, what I want to do for me. I am a mom, I love running and cooking but I think I need more.

    Did she give you suggestions for finding your passion?

    I just posted on my blog about this today so it was good to read your love post.



  5. Ok- so I my husband called while I was typing my last comment, and I typed "love" in the middle of my post. Oops

  6. Just blogging around this morning and found your blog. Yes, it is true and a fine line about loving and doing for your children and still keeping yourself. Sometimes I think I lost who I was concentrating on my children that are now grown. I wanted them to be perfect kids without the pitfalls of life. I protected them constantly even as adults. But what I found out is that hereditary plan a big part of who we are. Children no matter how hard you try are going to do it "their way". I found I suffered for their mistakes as much as they did. So how you draw the line I don't know, I didn't do so well in that area. I have enjoyed your page, thanks for letting me visit.

  7. I completely understand the "less-than" theory. My mom told me not to give up on my dream (i'm still childless to this day). My friend who has a newborn has to learn balance between working at home, and baby. I'm happy that you are realistic, and not wanting to be with your kids 100% of the time. You have a life, lol!

  8. Good for you; Jesus is what lights my passion.

  9. love your blog-new follower here! Jesus is what lights my fire!!

  10. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and I'll work on following you all back. I will be blogging again about this this weekend due to the great response. Elana - you can google 'passion test' or visit her website

    :) DGM

  11. Hey there! I come to you from Redhead Riter's community on Blog Frog. I guess I talked too much, because I caused an error on the first comment! LOL Anyway, I'll shorten it and just say I really enjoyed your post. I am one of those people with a singular passion. I have many interests, but somehow my passion, which is learning and talking about the Lord always works it's way into my interests, and that's a good thing. LOL! I loved your statement about the "kids being gone and just having your hubby with you." My sister said something to that effect many years ago to me when I "thought I knew it all". I've never been able to have kids, but thought the kids should always come first, until she put it like that. Anyway, I am now following you. My blog is titled PJ's Prayer Line. God Bless~

  12. your blog is very interesting and inspirational, keep it up! :))


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