Monday, November 1, 2010

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

 It's Monday and for many of us Stay-at or work-from home moms it means getting the house back in order after the weekend. I'm pleased to say that I've already got the laundry folded and put away, with another load in the washing machine as I type. I'm off to clean the kitchen the moment I click "publish".

I've decided to take a couple of days off of the computer. Upon finishing this post I will devote all of my time and energy to my family and house until tomorrow night after the children are in bed. Normally that time is reserved strictly for my husband and me, but my man will be traveling, so instead I'll share my glass of wine with you and I'll write about just how much one can get done when one hits the power switch on the laptop or desktop!

I challenge you to join me. Switch off the computer and switch on to your life for the next 36-hours or so. Hitting the power button is not just to get the laundry done or the toilets cleaned, it's also about being present with your family. Accept my challenge through a comment and then come back here on Wednesday to read about my experience and tell me about yours!

Goodbye for now, dear readers! I wish you productivity!  Enjoy the real world! I look forward to hearing about your experience and sharing mine!


  1. Best of luck without your husband and keep the computer off!


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