Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holy molars!

For the past two nights baby boy has screamed and screamed and screamed. Fortunately, I have learned to sleep through it! Well, not really, but the girls obviously have! So, today when he seemed to be refusing to nap long after he should have been sleeping soundly I pinned him down and had a look into that sweet little mouth of his. Don't worry, I was gentle. You ladies with pre-crawlers, just wait! Diaper changes, dressing/undressing, and checking for teeth when necessary become battles to the death! OK, not the death... I'm exaggerating slightly. Slightly.

Anyway, I pinned him down and stuck my relatively freshly-washed finger to feel around in there. For a few days I've noticed swelling, suspected teething, but I haven't seen any sign of teeth erupting. He only has four. Those central incisors, which took their own time coming in.

Here's a handy little chart from this website for you to show the approximate ages that teeth erupt. Obviously some babies teeth much earlier and some much later, but the order of eruption typically remains the same. When baby boy began showing signs of teething I was looking for that telltale whitish gum around the lateral incisor location. However, that's not what is coming in! He's getting his first molars! No wonder he's been so crabby! I can see it and feel it on his right side, but not his left, though he's quite swollen over there too. I have a terrible feeling he's going to teeth constantly from this point on until the rest are in. That's what daughter #2 did. Two teeth at 7 1/2 months, then NOTHING until 10 1/2 months and then she never, ever stopped.

Oh well, I'll get sleep when he's 5. I hope. Until then, I happily accept Starbucks gift cards!


  1. One of my adopted little grandsons is teething. His parents are using homeopathic teething tablets. They are safe and work great.

  2. Oh, the molars...been there! Yikes.

    Love the blog, thanks for stopping by my BF community! Looks like we have the same blog vision! Looking forward to following yours!!

  3. My daughter is getting her last four teeth in right now. The last two molars on both top and bottom. It's been a nightmare. And she's not even 22 months. When she was getting her teeth initially, she would get up to four at a time. I'd happily accept sedatives. ;)

  4. C&S - I wish I could find those at the grocery store. It's an effort to make more than one or two stops with the 3 kids!

    Jody - thanks! I love your blog too!

    ZH - Yikes! Sedatives sound good too. But, for you or her?! :)


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