Friday, December 10, 2010

Things that make me fat

So, I had an appointment today and at the weigh-in I was at a completely unacceptable weight. Now, instead of needing to lose 15lbs, I need to lose 20 to be back to my 'happy weight'.

So, (I like to say "so"), I decided to list the things that make me fat so that I may stop doing/eating such things!

1. Mochas (I need coffee, I don't like coffee, I LOVE mochas)
2. Wine (that third glass is completely unnecessary!)
3. Tasting my children's food to check flavor and temperature.
4. Eating what they have left on their plate so that nothing is wasted.
5. Whole milk (we'll get back to low-fat when the boy turns two! Yes, I know I could buy two separate cartons).
6. Lack of sleep (proven fact that less sleep = more fat)
7. Lack of exercise (I'm active, obviously, but I need that heart-pounding, sweat inducing exercise that time and bad knees hardly allow)
8. Being a writer instead of an exercise guru.
9. Living in the 'lake effect' zone where for 4 to 6-months out of the year it is too snowy/icy/slippery for walks and bike riding and too cold to be out there anyway!

Oops, gotta run! The pizza man is at the door.


  1. I found that if I tricked myself into thinking I was playing instead of exercising it helped me to stay motivated and do it and actually have fun. I LOVE playing Just Dance 2 on our Wii. It is a blast. The kids like it too! We have so much fun with it and it is exhausting, and a fantastic sweaty workout. BUT it is a video game so I am not really exercising right? ;)

    Dance, dance revolution on our playstation works for me too this way. TOO much fun. I usually end up "playing" longer than I intend to.

  2. I like to do Zumba classes. It's dancing and definitely a workout! Indoor workout. I went twice a week for a while, but stopped going because my partner quit.

    Hope you find something!

  3. Wow, about 8 of those things applies to me as well...and I need to lose 15-20 lbs too! Maybe you're on to something.

  4. Kimba - I'll have to check out that wii dance game. I can have fun exercising if it is a game! I do wii fit now and again, but it's quite a slow pace.
    Annie - Zumba looks fun! Not sure about my knee with it though.
    Anne - Here's to weight control over the holidays! Let's stop eating/tasting our children's food!

  5. I say to you: drink high quality black coffee. I know it sounds tough, but I lost a few pounds...and i have to take prednisone every day! As for #5, could buy your own carton,lol. Lack of sleep, that is true. And the bad knees, I understand. I try to do weighted squats 2xs a day, or more if it does not hurt too much. Great post! Now i'm motivated to lose weight,lol.

  6. LOL!!!! gotta love the pizza guy...


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