Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas shopping put me in the spirit!

Toys R Us was completely insane this afternoon! Or, maybe I am for going shopping at a toy store at 3:00 o'clock on a Saturday two weeks before Christmas! It was crowded, messy, noisy... and I loved every second of it!!! That amazing man of mine stayed home with the kids (one was sleeping when I left, all three were asleep when I returned) all by himself for 2 hours!

Normally I shop online, but as my family has grown, so have the shipping charges! And there's just something about seeing and touching, and sometimes playing with, the toys you're going to offer your little ones. And I found a few things I wouldn't have otherwise. Like a Dora snuggie!!! The girls and I had made a list together after browsing through the Toys R Us catalog, so I knew just what to look for. Nevertheless, thanks to the crowds, missing price-tags and trading one item for another I couldn't find it took me longer than I expected.

I think I may have been the only one smiling as I walked out with my shopping cart full and my wallet empty, but I was beaming walking out of that store like a little girl with eyes all lit up with Christmas lights. Like my children's eyes will be on Christmas morning when they open their gifts.

I love Christmas!


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  2. NEw follower!

  3. Sounds like fun!!

    We did some shopping online. We are going to do some more over hubby's lunch breaks while the kids are in school and then my mom is keeping the kids a few days the week of Christmas. I like cutting it close to last minute and shopping during the week while most people are at work. LOL

    I love shopping though.

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    I've yet to get into the holiday spirit. :(
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  5. I agree. There is something about being able to actually touch the gifts before you buy. Buying online can be handy at times. Actually, fighting the masses can be fun as well.
    I found you via the blog hop. I really think your blog is cute.

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