Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vlog Talk: 6 Things I'm Looking Forward to this Summer

I'm looking forward to many things this summer! Like more trips to gorgeous beaches along the English Coast like this one, Barton on Sea. You can see more pictures and read all about that heavenly place here.

Coming Attraction: Cherry Tomatoes - lots of them!

Plus, there's tomatoes, moving and blogging to look forward to, so watch, learn, enjoy, subscribe and most importantly (aside from the watching bit), comment!

And of course, I'm linking up with Mama Kat, so go check out some other vlogs or make your own!


  1. Oh yes... the beach. I can't wait to spend days at the beach.

  2. I think Adventures of a Domestic Goddess Mommy sounds fabulous! Looking forward to hearing more about your summer adventures! I want to get the kids away from the T.V. this summer, too, and have adventures. :)

    1. Adventures are good! Thanks for your input on the name. :)

  3. I think that name suits you :) Sounds like lots of adventures in the future for ya'll. We will be venturing to the beach this summer as well with lots of relaxing.

    Good luck on the move and figuring out where your going.

  4. Checking out as many beaches as possible sounds awesome!
    Best wishes for all your adventures - especially on finding a good place to live.

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  6. I totally agree about slowing down and playing with the kids, I'm looking forward to that too. I love the name Adventures of a Domesetic Goddess Mommy! Can't wait to read, watch and see where you guys end up next!!!


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