Monday, June 3, 2013

Transitional Limbo Drives Me Batty

I look up to the sky and wonder. And wait.
You know that point in the space of your life where you know that certain changes will be happening soon, but you don't know the where or the when? That's where we're at. It's frustrating. 

We know that another move is imminent, but that's all we know. Two things in life drive me completely batty: Waiting and Not Knowing. I am in both states. Waiting to know. And therefore batty. 

The lease is up on our rental house at the end of July, yet we will likely remain in England until the end of the calendar year. The owners are returning from their own overseas stint, so, we have to find another house. Furnished, because all of our furniture is stored at my parents' in Detroit and there is no point in buying more just to ship it or sell it in a few months time. 

The house or apartment needs to be in a decent area, within an hour of my husband's office and with a safe and good quality school. 

Then the questions in my mind begin: Should we try to keep them in the school they are in now so they don't have to change schools 3 times in less than 18 months? Or get closer to the hubs' office so that we cut down on commute/travel expenses? 

Plus, where will we be moving? We don't know yet. Could be Hong Kong, Singapore, K.L. or even Sydney. We're rooting for Sydney. Just for the cost of school, we're rooting for Sydney. And it's Australia. Duh! What better place for a future Animal Rescuer (Nature Girl)?!

Essentially, I'm dealing with two moves at once. England to England and England to Asia. Moving my kids from one house to the next, possibly one school to the next, then one country to the next... all with very little certainty of anything for the next 6 months to a year of our lives. Transitional Limbo. Not knowing. Waiting. 

I was hoping to wait out a portion of this limbo enjoying the company of family with my parents at my childhood home after school gets out at the end of July. Sadly, it doesn't look like that will be happening either. Airfare for 5 and all that. Money will be better spent on the first month's rent wherever we end up and perhaps a few days on the seaside. Such is life. 

How do you cope with the uncertainty that transition is certain to bring? 


  1. I don't cope well. It stresses me out. I guess you could try to look at the excitement of it all? Hear me trying to convince myself as well? Good luck...

    1. I do, Lisa, I do! Thanks for the wishes of good luck!

  2. Oh, I hear ya! I feel just like you at the moment and it's driving me BATTY! :-) A move to Australia is on the cards for us too (better work opportunities) so who knows, we could end up neighbours...? ;-) The 'unknown' is frustrating because you can't plan ahead for the future. I envy the families who still live in their child hood neighbourhood with grand parents and aunties around the block. But then again, like Lisa mentioned, it is exciting. And if I have to be really honest, it would probably bore me ;-)
    Good luck, whatever you and your family decide will be the right choice..{{hugs}}

    1. Now, that would be fun Raquel! I'd love to be neighbors with you :) Keep me posted.

      I know what you mean. My parents have lived in the same house for over 40 years... it's a nice idea in theory, but I think I'd get bored too.


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