Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Shard by Victoria Simcox - Review & Double Giveaway!

Last spring I had the opportunity to review an enchanting story, The Warble, by Victoria Simcox. It left me wanting more of the magical world of Bernovem and fortunately, with The Shard, we get to go back! Better yet, you have a chance to win both books!

In The Shard, we once again meet Kristina, the chosen one, who is still grappling with the irritating Hester, Davina and Graham, but this time at summer camp. Older now, the 15-year-old Kristina hardly remembers her adventure with Prince Werrien to get the magic warble back to its proper resting place. It seems like it must have been just a dream. The other teens apparently don't remember it all.

When the girls, along with Graham play a nasty trick on Kristina, they all go tumbling back into the world of Bernovem and practically land right on top of Werrien. Another adventure ensues, this time with Kristina being tormented by an old hag and a mysterious illness. It is exciting, at times a little scary (too much so for my 6-year-old, but not at all for my 7-year-old) and pure entertainment.

When I finished the first book, I didn't know there would be a second. It was perfect on its own, but I was beyond thrilled to learn of the second and have the chance to step back into the marvelously magical world Simcox effortlessly creates. I was eager to see what Kristina would be like, how she had evolved and what might develop between Werrien and her now that they were old enough for a little romance!

The romance is G-rated, but still had my daughters getting squeamish! I imagine a tween or young teen would easily identify with Kristina at this age and her feelings toward the handsome prince! I loved how sweetly the author handled Kristina's feelings and found myself remembering the sparks of first love and first kisses!

This novel certainly has more twists and turns than the first and a very surprising ending, which left me clamoring for the next installment, which is still being written. I had a love-hate relationship with Davina by the end of the book, but never found any affection for Hester or Graham.

Kristina is still a likable character, if not as strong and focused as in the first book. I loved that 12-year-old girl and found her to be an excellent role model. In The Shard she's dealing typical teenage insecurities in an atypical situation. I look forward to seeing her get back some grit in the third installment.

With Christmas around the corner, this is the perfect gift for your child (or yourself!). I recommend ages 10 and up. Buy it at or on Amazon.

Or, better yet, WIN BOTH BOOKS! One winner will be chosen and awarded both books in digital format. This giveaway is open Internationally, so everyone can enter to win! Good luck!

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  3. Love a good book. This one looks like it would be fun to read with the kids.

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