Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Toddler Toilet Tuesdays - Updates & Tips To Get Your Tot on the Pot

Good news! My toddler boy kept his pull-up dry this morning. Yes, indeedy! While I cleaned up the cat's business on the bathroom floor my son told me he needed to go potty. Then he did. On the kitchen floor.

Do those moments get you down and discouraged? I know the feeling, but the key here is to identify what part is great (you kept your diaper dry!) and where we can improve (next time let's use the toilet) and how to solve the issue at hand (put on your underwear/pull-up and let's clean this up together).

Photo by AndreChin via Flickr
Over the past two weeks we've made little progress in the toilet arena, but the "Gentle Encouragement" is still coming along. It's my son's choice to use his diaper (and when I write diaper, I mean the pull-up kind) or the toilet. I like to say to him, "Let's see if we can keep this dry until lunch!" But we just try again if he doesn't. This keeps the pressure off him and you out of "training" stress.

Consider it a successful week if your child has used the toilet once or twice a day and let's you know when he's about to, or just has, utilized the absorbent padding of his pull-up.

Until next week!
Let me hear how your child did on the potty train this week!


  1. Oh, God. You're making me feel guilty! I need to get my little one on the potty train. Right now it's easier for me to stay on my caboose. Sigh...Maybe after the in laws leave in a few weeks? Keep the tips coming!
    Tracy @ Momaical

    1. Don't worry! My whole method revolves around NOT feeling guilty. Eventually they all use the toilet!


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