Thursday, July 12, 2012

Streamlining Stress, Trimming the Internet Fat and Kicking Social Media A$$

To the curb, that is. I'm done with the Internet, SEO, Social Media, Blog societies, affiliate programs and all that piling up on top of my shoulders. I already have enough weight to bear there. Remember when it was fun to get online? Social Media was posting a status update for family and friends who never really talked to to keep up with what's going on in your life?

Now, social media is a circus frenzy. I'm discovering that it isn't all that important at all. Not to me, at least. You know what? I don't want to have a wine Twitter party. I want to have a few friends in my living room, a decent bottle of wine and some cool jazz playing from Pandora in the background. That's the only social media I want.

Don't get me wrong; I love the Internet. I love Google. I love having information at my fingertips. I love discovering new blogs and reading a story that touches my heart or makes me laugh. I love "meeting" new people online, but frankly, social media doesn't meet my need for social interactions. I'm a people person. Not a screen-name person.

Motherhood is isolating enough. Why should I spend my days ignoring my children so I can get online to Tweet or Digg or browse through attractive pictures? I don't want to. I want to watch my children play, read a book, chat (in person) with a friend or a neighbor. Or GO to work. Make some people happy, provide a service.

I love writing, but I need a job, man! I need to get out of my house. I need to get away from my beautiful children on a regular basis and they need to get away from me too. That doesn't mean me on my computer and them in the yard. Would I be happy working from home if I made enough money to pay the bills plus hire a babysitter, go on a date with my husband or take a long weekend? Yes, I certainly would. But I don't right now and my social needs are not being met through Facebook or Twitter or CommentLuv.

I'm like a firefly caught in a jar. So much light in me, but trapped. Only my captors see the occasional glimpse of a spark. My potential is restrained. I want out. I want to break free. I want peace, abundance, people, fun and joy. I want fulfillment.

What do you want?


  1. I think there has to be a balance. You have to figure out how much time you want to spend on different things and then stick to it. I love the friends I've made blogging and I have a job in social media, so I'm online quite a lot. But I also know when it's time to step away from the computer. Good luck finding your balance!

  2. I loved reading your -from the heart- post about this. Actually....I can relate..a lot to this. You have said it so well. I haven't been blogging for that long and hardly have any followers, but some days I'm desperately trying to keep up with it all wondering if it is indeed important enough. I wish I could sit with you, in your living room, nice bottle of wine, and have a good old chat....

    1. Thank you, Raquel. I appreciate your frequent and thoughtful comments. You are welcome anytime for good wine and conversation (you better bring the wine! :) This post really did pour right out of my heart. The internet and social media are in a very simple way, so similar to motherhood. It's this great connector, yet painfully isolating at the same time. Blog for you, to share the voice you want to be heard, but carefully consider the balance of what you're putting in vs. what you're getting out of it. It should feel good.


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