Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Tips & Tricks - Getaways

Just the lake, my man and me!
Todays Tip: Have a getaway with your hubby!

Marital satisfaction dips waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down after children enter the picture. It's sad but true that the most meaningful thing you'll ever do in your life (have kids) can cause incredible stress to the relationship they were born from!

My husband and I manage to sneak in a date night here and there and skipping the chaos of dinner & bedtime with the kids can work wonders for us, but this week I've discovered the benefit of a getaway. There's nothing quite like having a few days without any parenting responsibilities whatsoever (except singing a bedtime song over the phone each evening).

This week, my hubby and I are on a necessary getaway - he's started his job in a new city and I'm house-hunting. My parents agreed to take our 3 kids for a few days and we're on our own! Since we're moving to a rather touristy area, it feels just like a vacation. Especially since I get to sit here and write while he works (hee hee!).

This is the first time I've ever left my boy with anyone overnight. I was nervous, but he's doing fine and having fun and the girls love Grandma, so everyone is happy!

Life is busy and stressful, but make no excuses - making your marriage a priority is good for the whole family and is the best way to ensure you stay a family. We're broke, starting over and highly stressed, but here we are on our own for the first time in years. We're holding hands walking down the street, taking our time, enjoying the quiet and each other.

What are your couple plans for the summer? Do you have family who can watch your little ones for a couple of nights or a babysitter you trust for an overnight?


  1. Oh, this sounds so wonderful, good for you!! Especially at stressful times it's so important to spend time together. Something my husband and I don't do enough....sigh..Can't wait to read about your journey to your new town. Good luck with everything!

  2. Thank you! I appreciate the luck wishing and as always, your thoughtful comments!


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