Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Toddler Toilet Tuesdays - Updates and Tips

Toddlers Love Toilets!
Summer is here, yet Autumn is just around the corner and many moms are hoping their little one will be ready for preschool by September. "Ready" really means "potty trained!" So, I'm throwing out "Tuesday Tips & Tricks" for the summer and introducing "Toddler Toilet Tuesdays" where I will update you on my own progress with my 2-year-old son and offer up tips to make it work for you and yours without the stress.

I refuse to use the term "training" as you may know from previous articles (3 Reasons I Refuse to Potty Train and Potty Without Training), however, the boy is ready and I can't afford diapers anymore, so here we are.

Last week The Boy stayed at Grandma's house for 3 days without me, along with his sisters, but more importantly his 3-year-old male cousin. They are 13 months apart, with mine turning 3 in September and my nephew turning 4 in August. The moment The Boy saw his cousin using the toilet, he immediately wanted to. So my mother and sister tell me, The Boy kept his daytime diapers dry all week.

OK, I decided it was time to step up my encouragement method a bit. He has the underwear, so let's put it on him. My method is to take him to the toilet every hour and additionally, 20-minutes after consuming any beverage. It's 10am and he's on his second pair, but he's gone on the toilet 3 times already, including a number 2 (we've been up since 7am).

Today's Toilet Tips:

  1. Step up the encouragement only once your child is ready and has already expressed an interest in the toilet and used it occasionally.
  2. Keep things relaxed! Don't make a big deal if he pees in his undies or even on the floor. Just say, "Oops. Pee pee belongs in the toilet, OK? Let's get you a new pair of undies. Then hand him a towel so he can clean up the pee. 
  3. After 3 "accidents" go ahead and put a pull-up back on if you don't have the patience or you're out of underwear (my boy only has 3 pair!). As long as you keep everything nonchalant you won't lose any progress. Freak out about things and you'll be back in diapers for a few more days or even weeks.  
How's your toddler's progress? Let's get through this together! I'm on my third child here, so if you have questions ask away!


  1. Thanks for the tips. I’m looking forward to your weekly updates. My daughter is 18 months old. We have a potty set up but are not training. She does like to play with the handle so I know she’s curious.

    My question: what is it about potty learning that causes such a freak out among parents? I guess with my daughter being so young I’m not too concerned about it yet but I want to be prepared.

    1. I think as parents sometimes we get stuck on what we "should" and where our child "should" be developmentally instead of simply relaxing and following the child's lead. Also, some parents can get upset when their little ones pee all over the place and that stresses the child, thereby making them not want to use the bathroom at all! Go back and read my 3 Reasons I Refuse to Potty Train to see how I started out with my girls at about the same age as yours.
      Thanks for visiting!

  2. You know I'm calling you when Matilda is ready LOL I'll need help. Thanks for stopping by I always love hearing from you my sweet friend you are equally as inspiring :)

    1. I'll answer your call! I miss you! Give me another book to edit so we can keep better in touch. Ready for a FT editor for your blog yet? :)

  3. I heart your blog! P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway for Soybu and thought you would be interested! www.domesticsweetheart.com


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