Friday, February 4, 2011

Help Wanted! Have you heard about...

Swagbucks? This is a website that rewards you for using its search engines. You can win 'swagbucks' whenever you search. Sometimes you win 1 or 2, sometimes 50 or more! You never know when or how much you'll win! It makes searching a little more exciting!

This post is a shameless plug for Swagbucks in order to earn myself enough swagpoints to get my husband a great birthday gift! I have been saving my swagbucks for something special and when I saw the Wine Spectator magazine I knew that was it!!  It is the perfect gift for my husband and I want to give it to him for his birthday next week. This magazine is a $50 annual subscription (not in the budget this month!!!), or 1399 Swagbucks. I am just 200 swagbucks shy. Here's where you come in. Click on the swagbucks button to the left and sign up! I'll get a referral reward and by the end of the weekend I should easily have enough swagbucks to claim my prize!

I could have already redeemed the points I have for restaurant certificates, Amazon certificates, toys for my kids, digital wallpapers, notebooks or t-shirts. There is a varied selection, but I want to give this magazine to my hubby for his birthday. We are now part of the wine world and this is one of the best sources of information around.

In summary, you help me and you win too!! You can't go wrong. And if you end up not liking the toolbar or winning points and prizes you can simply cancel your account and uninstall the toolbar. Simple as that. Help a girl out, please?

And in return, on my coupons and samples page there is a great Quiznos coupon right now!! Hungry? Go get it!!!


  1. A lot of my facebook friends do swagbucks. It sounds like a neat program!

  2. Very interesting, thanks for sharing.


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